Concept Artists

Busy week here planning for an unexpected trip to Thunder Bay, so art is on the back burner. When I can, I'm sneaking peeks at the work of concept artists - folks who help realize the vision of production designers for games, films, books, etc., by providing illustrations. These days, they are mostly digital artists, and they usually work on fantasy or sci-fi projects (That's SF, wife; 'sci-fi' is considered offensive. - Ed.). Although I have no great affection for those genres (BOO! - Ed.), I really appreciate the artists' skills. If you're looking to improve your digital painting abilities, their work is a must-see.

My current favourite concept artist is Craig Mullens. Geez, he's good. I especially like the work in the "Finished Sketches" section of his site:

I'm also a fan of Anthony Jones:

I went to see Anthony at a Schoolism workshop in May. I was so impressed with his skill, teaching abilities and speed that I signed up for a "Creature Design Course" in September. Again, I have no great passion for drawing creatures (For shame!!! - Ed.), but it may be a fun way to learn more about digital painting.

My husband, as you might've guessed, edits these posts, and loves this stuff:

Hands off, ladies, he's all mine.

Another concept artist is Jason Cheung. I met him at figure painting this past Sunday (will post about that later). He gave me a link to his blog, and I was impressed by his work, especially the landscapes:

For those wondering, yes, all of the above pieces - with the exception of Stephen's Nerd Hutch - were done on computers.

I have a long way to go in trying to approach the calibre of these artists (and in developing the proper respect and admiration for their chosen subject matter - Ed.), but given the amount of time I spend looking at their pieces, I'm hoping I'll start absorbing some of the techniques.

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