From Brush to Stylus: Introducing Goel

As a follow-up to my concept art post, I'm sharing a fantasy genre work-in-progress. Introducing 'Goel',  elfin messenger and servant to Princess Plotolina:

The above is an early-stage digital painting based on an old drawing of mine:

Not as handsome here, eh? I remember doing the sketch right before I went to Norway in November 2006. My aunt bought me a ticket to come visit her as part of the celebrations after she won the lottery (for real)! I'm not sure what prompted this pointy-eared guy, but late in the year, Norway can resemble Middle Earth. I hung out in the mountainous, dark and rainy fjords for two weeks. So there's that.

Stay tuned for more of pics of Goel...


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered a career as concept artist for a movie or gaming studio?


blah said...

I kinda, sorta think about it. But I don't have the skill, speed or time to do it right now. I'm just trying to get better!

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