From Brush to Stylus: Painting from Life

A couple months ago, two friends and I hired a model to pose for a painting. Steve and Valerie painted with oils; I gave it a go with my computer and tablet. This was a perfect arrangement for me because we had 4 sessions and I was among friends (i.e. there was less self-imposed pressure for me to do it quickly - or well, for that matter). I'd been shy to take my tablet to the nearby art school where a model poses for a large number of artists. I didn't want anyone peeking over my shoulder while I stumbled along trying to figure out the software. Below are the many iterations of the painting preceding the final piece with background in place. It's not really a linear approach; I go back many times and change things around. I'm pretty happy with the final result, though I must admit it doesn't really look like the model.

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